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Table of Contents (20kb) updated 5-17-12 Mainsprings & Winding Parts p.45-57 (2.7mb) updated 10-30-11
Pendulums p.3-10 (1.3mb) updated 10-14-11 Clock Movements p.58-75 (4.6mb)   
updated 10-6-11

Clock & Watch Keys p.11-21 (1mb)
updated 2-25-12

Hardware & Assortments p.76-80 (0.6mb) updated 2-25-12

Cuckoo Parts p.22-25 (356kb) updated 7-26-13 Factory Service Parts p.81-113 (5.7mb)
updated 2-8-11

Tools p.114-136 (3mb) updated 2-25-12

Lubricants & Oilers
Containers & Parts Bags
Watch & Jewelers Supplies
Jeweler's Findings p.137-141

updated 7-26-13

Clock Dials p.30-35 (0.5mb)
updated 5-16-12

Clock Hands p.38-44 (0.5mb)
updated 2-25-12

Complete Catalog (24 mb) updated 8-15-13
Does Not Include The Watch Material section

  Plastic Clock Crystals p.142-144 (440 kb)
created 7-14-11

Sold by PM for many years - Specifically for small clocks

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